Don't bin it !! Recycle it !!
We at Ecoshopdirect are very passionate about the environment and the requirement to always aim to expand a products life cycle.
Recycling is not just about getting rid of your old sofa as a society we need to learn to ALL live a little " Greener" cut down on unnecessary consumption and waste learn to repair and reuse rather than throw away
Our activities are as follows


  • - Supply products for sale that have an environmental benefit in either their materials,
      or in their use.
  • - Use recycled material for packaging  and filler at ALL times 
  • - Sell in BULK packaging to reduce the  packaging waste stream  
  • - All company literature and marketing  collateral is printed on recycled paper 
  • - Have our website hosted by a company  with an environmental policy in place
  • - Made / Packaged and shipped from one  location / 1000s of shipping miles saved


We welcome all your thoughts as to how we can achieve more - Please join our recycling culture